The Confederation of Alcoholics, Addicts in Rehabilitation and Relatives of Spain (CAARFE) is an organization made up of more than one hundred associations of addicted patients and their relatives from all over Spain and it is not for profit.


CAARFE is based on mutual help and believes in the rehabilitation of alcoholic patients and addicts from a social biopsychic intervention. The base of the organization is formed by three basic pillars: The sick people, their relatives and the technicians.


Each one of them fulfills an indispensable task. In the first place, rehabilitated patients, from experience, become involved in the motivation of the person who comes to the association and who needs to be reflected in someone who has already gone through the addictive process and later recovery.


Secondly, relatives, who are the closest environment and suffer the consequences of the disease, will be necessary to welcome new relatives who come to associations. They will find support also, as in the case of the sick people, in which they will be reflected.

And finally, the technicians, who will provide a vision and a professional work from different perspectives: motivation, guides in group therapies, psychological or medical support, in some cases, etc. The technicians are of different nature: Psychologists, social workers, doctors, etc.


CAARFE is part of EMNA (European Mutual Help network for alcohol related problems), a European network of associations that work on alcohol and other addiction problems through mutual help.


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Ángel Jiménez


Mireia Pascual, responsable de prensa



Actividades 2019 /Activities 2019

  • III Encuentro de Mujeres / III Women Meeting
  • IV Encuentro de Jóvenes / IV Youth Meeting
  • Día Mundial contra el Tabaco/   Day against tobacco
  • Día Mundial contra el Uso y Abuso de Drogas / Internacional Drugs Day
  • Día del Síndrome Alcohólico Fetal / Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Day

Próximas actividades / Next activities

  • V Convención Nacional / V National Convention
  • Día sin Juegos de azar / Day without gambling
  • Día Sin Alcohol / Day without Alcohol