What is Intact recovery and self help?

“When you act like you always act , you get what you used to get……”
We think that every human being deserves a good opportunity for changing his life. Regardless your  background, you deserve support when you what to get out of addiction and want to recover.

That also as next of kin, you have to face yourself if you really want to change your life.

By the organization of self help offer and recovery courses and in close cooperation with a profesional addiction centre Tactus we offer an unique joint recovery system.

We offer help and support when addiction put you in troubles or when you need help and support as next of kin to recapture your own life.


Who are we?

Intact recovery and selfhelp is an autonomic part of Tactus addiction care, a large organization active in several regions in the Netherlands.

We also are national active and offer an 24/7 support by telephone line.

We cooperate at national development in themes like peer support, selfhelp, professional peers and recovery.

We are a group of ( voluntary and professional ) peers who recovered from addiction and next of kin. We provide help by organizing selfhelp groups in several locations in the Netherlands.

Several times a year we organize seminars, activities that might support your recovery.

We also provide a number od recovery courses for people in recovery of an addiction and next of kin.


Our goal:
Our goals is to achieve that there is support for persons in addiction as well as their relatives.

For the people in in recovery of an addiction to stay strong en rehabilitate in the community and to fix an to mend what has been broken during times of active addiction.

And for persons next to people with an addiction to learn how to life with someone with an addiction ; to recover trust and let go when needed.

Also we try to take away assumptions and stigma about addiction and we try to make the people aware of the danger of consuming drugs and alcohol.


Intact recovery and selfhelp is the only peer offer that is a partner and participates in EMNA. Next to this inside EMNA there is an regular development of European initiatives in the subject of addiction and prevention.


Anne-Marie Luiten
(General Manager)
Intact herstel en zelfhulp
Keulenstraat 3
7418 ET Deventer/ The Netherlands
+31 88 382 2880
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