“JA, DET NYTTER (JDN i.e “Yes, it works!) was established in 201. Our mission is to promote self help/mural help as a method to prevent alcohol and drug problems and thus psychiatric problems.

We keep on believing that individuals are capable of taking responsibility for their own lives and that change is possible.  There are thousands and thousands of people in Norway, recovering from destructive dependency. We want to be a spokesman for these people and give hope that recovery is possible and that self help and treatment do works. This also implies the families.
We do offer educational talk groups for children, youths as well as adults who have been raised in families with alcohol/drug problems.
To get the possibility to talk to others who have been in more or less the same situations are of vital importance to free one self from the burdens they are carrying an find better ways to manage daily life, to understand that they don’t are responsible for other people’s choices. To learn to recognise and express feelings and build trust.


JA, Det Nytter!
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