«Rikslänkarna” – Länkarnas Riksförbund, has the objective to help people with alcohol

and/or other drug problems and to live a sober, drug-free and decent lives ”Rikslänkarna”,  are completely independent of its relationship with political parties and organizations,  religious and temperance organizations and the authorities.

”Rikslänkarnas” work is based on Link movement moral and ethical programs – The Seven Points – the Members experience, medical evidence and the friends Community. ”Rikslänkarna”, work in motivation groups, peer support activities, supportive actions and legitimated learning interaction.

”Rikslänkarna” are trying to give members and helpseeking decent lives and meaningful

leisure. The latter by organizing various recreational activities.

”Rikslänkarna” educates members through training courses to enable them to act as good communicators and to volunteer to work as elected officials in the movement. ”Rikslänkarnas” work is always based on democratic principles.



All members of the Rikslänkarna, striving to live sober and drugfree lives. We stand for people affected by abuse misery on those who are coming to us and have an honest desire to get away from the abuse and its consequences. We do not make greater demands on others than we impose on ourselves, but that does not mean that our relationships to each other and our world is, without requirements. We strive for absolute honesty, love for fellow human beings and unselfishness. We have strict statutes that apply to all Societies affiliated to the union – any individual or any arbitrary rules do not apply.


Boards and elected representatives must fill specific requirements for sobriety and freedom from drugs. At relapse, there are rules regarding voting rights, eligibility and suspension from elected office. You can not drugging one day and represent the Federal Union, District or Society the other. Full suspension applies 6 months.

We strive for, the true grounds, providing a trusted impression on each other and others in our world.



The first Society of Sällskapen Länkarna was founded in Stockholm January 30, 1945.

This Society – Sällskapet Länkarna Stockholm / Mariedal, which belongs to the Rikslänkarna are still active after more than 60 years. Many of our societies are over 50 years old, which ensures that our idea is sustainable.


Riklänkarna working on organizational arrangements Federal Union – Districts – Societis.

Today Rikslänkarna have Societies across the country – from Pajala in the north to

Trelleborg in the south.

Rikslänkarna have since 1980 always had a screen display of names for the current

decade – that is, ”Link 80”, ”Link 90” and now ”Link 2000”. The exhibition is available

in 15 copies and is constantly presented in different locations in Sweden. Our members, who not only expect the former alcohol- or other drug-abusers, but also partners, children, other relatives and friends who have been helped by Rikslänkarna and participate in company activities – are today over 10,000 people.



Not only for the abuser or the depending   Within the Rikslänkarna, we help addicts seeking help, who want to make an honest attempt to get away from abuse through peer support  activities, talks and Community in combination with a cognitive activity. We also help by the work already established members to maintain won sobriety and freedom from drugs.

In a family where there is an addict, it is not only the addict who is sick. The abuse also affects wife, husband, children, other relatives and friends. Within Rikslänkarna, we give support and care for abuse related. We give them opportunities to meet, socialize and talk with others who are or have been in the same situation as themselves. With some training and information about addiction and the consequences of this and how to get back to normal life, we can give families help and support, on the way back to good, decent life. Friends, colleagues and employers are also affected negatively by having an addict close to them. Rikslänkarna may be through interaction with these and with health care, helping both the Addict as hose in his vicinity indirectly affected by druguse.


We are ”Rikslänkarna»

Members of the Rikslänkarna live a sober and drug-free life.

Rikslänkarna inform and help through peer in self-help-groups people with alcohol- or

other drug problems.

Rikslänkarna helps not only the alcohol and drug addiction but also their partners,

children and friends. Our oldest Societies is between 50 – 60 years old, which shows that our work has been and still are successful. The links Riksförbund ”National Links” – became as an organization 50 years in 2008. Rikslänkarna also cooperating through networking with other European organizations with the same goals and objectives as our own.


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