National Association of Addict-Support Communities

Board Members / Representatives:

Norbert Gyarmati, Chairman – Gyöngyösfalu

Ferenc Drahos, Deputy Chairman – Nyíregyháza

Istvánné Tóth (Ilona), Deputy Chairman – Békéscsaba

Dr. (MED) László Nyúli, Medical Advisor – Szombathely

Mihály Petrik, Professional Member of the Board – Győr


The club movement against alcoholism (AE-movement) started in Hungary in 1959, when the first alcohol-free club was founded in Békéscsaba. Following the first Panel Meeting of the clubs in 1975, the local governments were allocated the task to support club activities at local level. Then, in 1985, county-level associations were set up by the State Committee Against Alcoholism, with the view to co-ordinate and support the work of around 200 AE-Clubs all over Hungary. Finally, in 1993, the National Association of County Clubs and Organizations Against Alcoholism (AE-Klubszövetség) was brought to life.

In 2017 the Association decided to extend its scope of activities and change its name accordingly. Now, in addition to coordinating the work of addiction-free NGOs such as clubs, associations and other organizations, it also provides various kinds of support, counselling and legal representation to its members at national level.

We are actively involved in the fight against all kinds of addiction (alcohol or drug abuse, smoking, gambling, workaholism, excessive shopping or Internet use, binge eating, etc.), and implement a wide range of prevention and rehabilitation programmes.

Naturally, we continue to pay special attention to the treatment, rehabilitation and support of people with alcohol-related problems, providing those in need with legal advice as well as mental health and lifestyle counselling.

As part of our continuous efforts to coordinate the work of member organizations, we organize various events, conferences, training courses, filed trips and free-time programmes, with the view to support club members in developing and maintaining an addiction-free lifestyle.

Any NGO is welcome to join our association, provided that they share our aims, contribute actively to our efforts and fulfil the requirements and responsibilities specified in our statutes.

The executive bodies of our Association include the biannual General Meeting, the 5-member Board as well as the National Supervisory and Audit Committee.

The Association has the right to establish partnerships and sign co-operation agreements with similar organizations both within Hungary and abroad.

The Association performs no political functions, acts independently of all political parties and ideologies, and does not support them or accept any kind of support from them.


VII. Vision and Mission Statement of the Association:


The vision of the National Association of Addict-Support Communities is derived from its firm belief in helping others:

‘I become stronger and stronger by helping others. Today I am stronger than before

as I helped someone yesterday.

However, I must offer further help today, for today I am not as strong as I should be


Another element of our vision is borne in the nature of mutual help as human values are known to multiply in self-help / mutual help communities. If offering help does not stop within a close community, the number of those willing to be involved will increase, which is bound to lead to a decrease in the number of addicts.


Our Mission: 

Our Association shows unrestricted respect to any individual or self-organizing community in addiction relief, irrespective of their race, sex, age, religion, ethnicity or sexual identity, and offers unconditional help to all who struggle with alcohol-related problems. 

Our Association is actively involved in the fight against alcoholism, one of the most fiercely raging pandemics in Hungary. Our target groups include both alcohol addicts and their relatives, for the benefit of whom we operate traditional self-help groups and communities all across Hungary and across the border (within the Carpathian basin).

We strive to support the proliferation and expansion of our member organizations and increase the number of members in the Association itself, with the view to strengthen our position in the community, increase the sustainability of self-help addiction relief and provide members with a suitable legal and national framework for their activities. We further aim to create and maintain a network of national organizations with similar aims and activities. Last but not least, while we are doing our utmost to achieve the above aims, we strive to remain open to grassroots initiatives, incorporate new approaches and find new ways to increase our capacities.


Postal Address: 9723 Gyöngyösfalu, Petőfi S. u. 31., Hungary

Telephone: +36-94/360-074 (Fax), +36-30/927-1571



Contact Person: Norbert Gyarmati, Chairman

(Map available on the Association’s website.)


Members at One of the Association’s Meetings

2015 Nyíregyháza – National General Meeting

2016 Budapest-Csillebérc – National Professional Training with the participation of InTact, our Dutch partner

2017 Budakeszi – National Forum

2018 Budakeszi – the Board of the Association at the National AGM

2019 Budakeszi – National AGM / Panel Discussion